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When your trying to work out if your gutters are full of debris, and can't see inside them, we have a camera survey system which will record all your gutters and downpipes inside, we can also put the movie onto cd disk for you.
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Gutter Vac System

• We use a gutter vacuum with a telescopic arm which can be extended to reach gutters up to a (height of forty five feet roughly four story's).

• Access to the gutters is from the ground using aluminium extension tubes allowing, almost all gutters on houses, offices, apartments, commercial properties.

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To book a survey or services please call mobile:  07847 897 072

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gutter cleaning service van

number one van 

Our service van is fully equipped to clean your gutters and downpipes, and to wash them down, we also have surveying equipment for checking gutters and down-pipes to ensure there no obstructions.


Gutters and down-pipes are part of a home, that many owners pay little attention to until its too late, when they discover that the thousands of pounds in water damage was directly due to gutter maintenance neglect.

The truth is that gutters and down-pipe are installed on homes for a reason, and that reason is to control the flow of water and divert it to a safe location.

Unfortunately, gutters become very easily clogged due to the constant barrage of debris falling into them, namely, flowers and seed pods in the spring and summer, leaves in the fall, and snow in the winter, not to mention tree branches all year-round, and gifts that birds and other animals leave behind.

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Some areas we cover

West Glam towns & surrounding areas

Gower, Swansea valley, Neath valley and Afon Valley

 Most West Wales towns & areas covered including (but not only)

LLanelli, Kidwelly, St Clears, Carmarthen, Llandeilo, Llandovery Ammanford, Cross Hands, Pontardulais

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Gutters should be done at least once a year (twice if you live in a heavily tree area) to ensure a trouble free gutter system.

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